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A Turntable Inspired By Stanley Kubrick

Not sold on Panasonic’s plan to bring back the iconic Technics turntable? This new model from Soulines might appeal. The Kubrick DCX was designed as an homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and is described by Soulines as its “most advanced turntable to date” and a “musical space object.” We’re guessing the following quote from Arthur C. Clarke, who authored the Space Odyssey series, was influential to the turntable’s creators:

“A few minutes later he caught his first glimpse of Space Station One, only a few miles away. The sunlight glinted and sparkled from the polished metal surfaces of the slowly revolving, three-hundred-yard-diameter disk… The central axis of the Space Station, with its docking arms extended, was now slowly swimming toward them..”

Find full details and more photos here (via Vinyl Factory).