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Southern Soul Festival Brings Jazz And Disco To Montenegro

It is with immense excitement that we are receiving the names on this years’ lineup of the amazing boutique festival’s 4th edition, Southern Soul Festival (on 30 June to July 3 at Dolcinium Kite Club on the Velika plaza (Big Beach) of Montenegro) and we are sure that it will be loads of fun because of the top jazz-focused and beyond artists who are playing. We are hearing that the main stage will be played on by Braziliana, Brazilian jazz, Brazilian soul, and funk (Marcos Valle, and Ed Motta) and some of our favorite disco, and house DJs, (from USA: DJ Rahaan, likewise player Kai Alce) and Blue Note jazz sets presented by Nicola Conte as well. But with the news that there are more artists who will be announced and will also play, we know that there’s more to come. And all the artists so far are presented on the Southern Soul Festival website.

“A team of reputable musical critics, musicians, selectors and DJs from all over the world stand behind the programme concept of the festival,” explains the press release. “The programme concept of the festival is a result of a lot of work and research. It was slowly built throughout the first three years of the festival in order to reach its current level, characterised by consistency, thinking things through carefully, educational character but also by keeping pace with all musical trends under the Jazz&Soul umbrella”. 2,000 tickets!