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These Spiked Headphones Are Perfect Social Armor

Keep the music in and other people out.

Remember the last time you said to yourself, “I really want a random stranger to talk to me in public. This will not at all be a complete chore but will almost certainly lead to making a new friend”? Same, absolutely never. That’s why you need your social armor to be on point, and we can’t think of any headphones pointier than these.

Created by New York designer Joe Doucet, these concept headphones, called the OneSense, cover both your eyes and ears in a complete red-wrapped world-blocker. In other words, the music becomes your entire reality. The headphones are meant to be an experiment in sensory deprivation in an effort to slow the listener’s perception of time. “Time seems to stand still when stimuli are limited and we regress into ourselves,” says Doucet. “Meditation and sensory deprivation chambers are perfect examples of this effect. I wanted to remark upon this and provide an object which simulates this experience.” While only a concept, Doucet has expressed interest in development should enough interest arise. So…will they come in black?

Joe_Doucet_OneSense_004 Joe_Doucet_OneSense_003

Images: Joe Doucet