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How Star Wars Killed Science Fiction

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In lieu of the release of their new album, Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan explains in an interview with I Heart Comix why he thinks Star Wars killed science fiction:

“Science fiction used to be about ideas, and about conceptual situations, and Star Wars is not about that. It’s about spectacle and action. It’s not really science fiction at all, it’s just fantasy.” Greenspan goes on to explain that he favors more minimal and futuristic sci-fi—and that’s also what you can expect from Junior Boys’ upcoming LP The Big Black Coat: “On the album, there’s a song called “And It’s Forever.” That’s a reference to a science fiction television show from the 80s called Sapphire and Steel, which was like a really, really whacked-out version of Dr. Who.”

It’s not classic sci-fi, but JB’s EB Radio feature from 2009 might provide a few sweet nostalgia feels.