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Stream Aphex Twin's Insanely Rare Day For Night 12-Inch

Aphex fans are in for a treat.

Just last week, Aphex Twin played his first show in the United States in eight years. His appearance was at Houston’s Day For Night festival. As if that wasn’t special enough, the mercurial artist also used the opportunity to release a limited edition two-track 12-inch. Only 500 copies were sold, and it’s not taken long for the record to skyrocket in price on the second-hand market. We’re not quite sure if we want to drop over €300 just to hear some new Aphex Twin, but we’re certainly curious as to what’s on that vinyl. Fortunately, Reddit’s Aphex Twin subreddit has come to the rescue with rips of both sides. Listen to the clips here. (Sorry folks, the stream is down. We will let you know if another one pops up).

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