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Stream A Fun '80s Disco Cut From Tiger & Woods' Upcoming LP

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Everyone’s favorite Italian re-edit duo is back with another full LP’s worth of bouncy disco-heavy dance cuts.

It’s been quite some time since Tiger & Woods exploded onto the scene withThrough The Green, their loopy disco masterpiece of a debut LP on Running BackNow, after five years, the duo is back with On The Green Again, a follow up LP scheduled to be released on their own T&W Records on November 4. The record seems to be a return to form for the duo, with 10 all-new tunes rooted in Balearic, Italo, ’80s disco and other good time cheese. Check below for the tracklisting and stream the slick and groovy “RockMeLoveMe” above.

Vinyl tracklisting:

A1. Intro
A2. RockMeLoveMe
A3. Bestissimo
B1. Ginger & Fred
B2. Phoenix
C1. Come & Get My Lovin’
C2. Endless Affair
D1. Radio Tiger
D2. Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden
D3. Outro

CD tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. RockMeLoveMe
03. Bestissimo
04. Ginger & Fred
05. Phoenix
06. Come & Get My Lovin’
07. Endless Affair
08. Radio Tiger
09. Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden
10. Outro
11. The Stopper (CD bonus)
12. Balloon (CD bonus)
13. No More Talking (CD bonus)

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