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Famous DJs Get Turned Into Pokémon Cards

Daft Punk, Paul Oakenfold and more are ready to battle for you. 

Look, if there is ever going to be one time to rediscover these Superstar DJ Pokémon trading cards, we venture that time is now. With Pokémon Go on the tip of every Spotify user and clubgoer alike, these trading cards from Imgur user ChesterHester have value both in terms of nostalgia, and now, prescience as well.

While the DJs selected are more or less the antithesis of our personal tastes—making this one of the few times when we absolutely do not want to catch almost any of them all—with all these “nu-school” chumps battling on their phones, carrying around this deck might be your retro-chic hit of the summer. Maybe? Here’s the full gallery for your perusal.