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This Is The Cadillac Of Synthesizer Improv Videos


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Hear some truly cosmic sounds from this impressive assortment of Mos-Lab synthesizers.

Have you always wanted to know how Tangerine Dream created those haunting soundscapes and beautiful sequences on records like Phaedra or Zeit ? Well, they were typically made on classic modular setups not that different from the ones on display above. The synths are modular units from Mos-Lab, and they include five-unit oscillators, some polysynths, not one but two of the rare RSF Kobol synths, an ARP and a pair of classy sequencers.

This improv demo uses those synths to show you how much of that ’70s kosmische musik came to life. The only part they left out was the bit about Timothy Leary and having enough LSD to sink a small ship.

Read more about how modulars evolved from pieces of classic studio gear to a part of the mainstream here, and get a closer look at the RSF Kobol here.