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Watch Adult Swim's Hilarious "Lords Of Synth" Spoof


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If you’re anything like us, then there’s probably a good chance that you’ve got your own fantasies about the ultimate cosmic synth showdown. Today at least one of those fantasies has become a reality thanks to Adult Swim’s hilarious new video “Lords Of The Synth.” The spoof centers on a winner-takes-all grudge match between “Xangelix”, “Morgio Zoroder” and “Carla Wendos” on who can score the most appropriate music to Halley’s Comet. The stakes are high: The winner becomes the Lord of the Synth while the losers get banished form music for 100 years.

The whole thing is well worth a watch, even just for the amazing scene where the Vangelis-parody gets a boner from a Carla Wendos tritone arpeggiation.

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