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Take A Night Drive With A Synthwave Megamix


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Retro-leaning synthwave—it’s the cool genre for wishing it was still the ’80s, but damned if it doesn’t make for a perfect Friday night soundtrack. This recent mix has been burning up the office speakers, so we’re just gonna go ahead and do the “just gonna leave this here” deal. Jack your neon shades to x10 magnification, buy a leather jacket and turn up your bass.

Feeling a bit more dystopian? Here’s the perfect mix for your cyberpunk anarchist dreams.


Mega Drive – Power Driver
Pulse 80 – Thunderstorm Drive
ActRazer – Kill Switch
Perturbator – Night Driving Avenger
Steel Sky – Rebirth
Christine – Death On Wheels (Bastion remix)
80’s Stallone – Driven
Cartridge 1987 – Chase
Miami Nights 1984 – Streets On Fire
Murder One – Octane
Flash Arnold – The Final Chase
Palm Highway Chase – Highway Chase
Lost Years – West Side Lane
3Force – Highway Jupiter
Danger Mode – Charged
Protector 101 – L.A. Cop Duo Theme
Ex-Machina – Cyberpower
Cobra Copter – The Chosen One
Dance With The Dead – Signals
Lazerhawk – King Of The Streets
Alpha Boy – Autobahn
Garth Knight – Activate The Cage-You Have Power!
Sayak Striker – Hold Of Me (feat Future Holotape)
Sellorekt-LA Dreams – Wings Of The Phoenix
Vector Hold – Tough Turf
RTRY – Master Control
A Space Love Adventure – Death Wish
Quixotic – Turbo Interceptor
Biff Taylor – Night Chase