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Why Tbilisi Isn’t The New Berlin

tbilisi not berlin

A new interview with photographer George Nebieridze explains why people should stop drawing such lazy parallels.

One undeniable trend in in journalism in the last few years: documenting a culture getting international attention as being the “next [insert trendy city here].”

Tbilisi and Berlin are both getting attention for their cultures centered around art, fashion, music and sexual freedom. And now that Tbilisi has become an international destination with a ton of hype, the comparisons have gotten out of hand. But where does the cultural resemblance end and the laziness begin?

In this interview, Post Pravda Magazine talked to Berlin-based Georgian photographer George Nebieridze—who recently contributed to TEB—about why Tbilisi is not the “new Berlin.” Primarily a photographer of counterculture movements and the people within them, Nebieridze describes growing up in Tbilisi, how its’ development is going in a a different direction and why he doesn’t identify as a “Post-Soviet artist.”

To read the full interview and a see a selection of Nebieridze’s photography, go to Post Pravda Magazine here. Also make sure to visit his website and the online store for his newest photography book.

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