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How Millennial Teens Use Music As A Way To Interact

Whether you fear them or hate them, Millennial Teens are listening to music now more than ever.

In the gardens, ‘pon the paths our fathers once tread, in corners where dark deeds flourish and the light of goodness is not shew’d, the Teens are playing songs and sharing the music with their friends. But how did it come to this?

A new study woven into the spiderwebs about the town shows that the Teens have become fed up with the modern world of bean-counting; “Bean there, done that!” is a typical thing you may hear an ungrateful bean-Teen say, at night in your dreadful dreams. Not for them are the soft comforts of corporate integrity, nor the soothing embrace your hands can only get from pushing them deep into bags of beans stored in cool, dry places. The Teens want music—and they want to use it as a way to interact.


‡ Headphones

The Teens have headphones—and they’re listening to the music on them. What’s worse, they defy both manufacturing purposes and the very integrity of clear audio by using only one “ear-piece” and inserting the other into the ear of another nearby Teen. Disgusting? Truly.

‡ Classrooms

Knowledge? Wisdom? These Teens will have none of it; not from the lips of man nor any god he knows. Instead, they take the music into the classroom in utter defiance of the educational system. Now the only sounds that echo through these once-hallowed halls bear a striking similarity to, “2+2? Sounds like rubbish to me, the only addition I’ll have is my ears and the latest pob cast mix tape! Rock!”

‡ The Teens are gathering

They are in the fallow fields. They sow discord and panic in the eyes of their elders, reaping only their own delights. The soft fruit of their malice is as acidic and wyrm-filled as the very hearts that pump in time to the indecipherable and bilious aurals spilling forth into their ears. The town leaders sit in cold terror as the fingers of the Teens brush against the windowpanes.

The Teens have interacted. They are already here.


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