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Does Your Skin Orgasm When You Hear Something Exciting?

You know that funny feeling you get while listening to your favorite song? We’re talking about that tingling, skin-prickling sensation that accompanies the anticipation of—or complete surprise at—some supreme musical moment. Indescribably awesome, right?

Wrong. Researchers have just published a new study in the journal Psychology of Music that explores the phenomena of “skin-gasms” or frissions (meaning “aesthetic chills” in French). Their aim is to give scientific validity to something music lovers have known since just about ever.

Test subjects were exposed to different songs known to contain thrilling moments. These participants were then given personality tests to see if there’s corraborative proof to a correlation between skin-gasmers and people who score high on a trait called “Openness to Experience.” And guess what? There is.

People who exhibit “Openness to Experience” are said to have “unusually active imaginations, appreciate beauty and nature, seek out new experiences, often reflect deeply on their feelings and love variety in life.”

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