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The 15 Least Essential Music Documentaries

If you work in music journalism, then you know the burden of piles and piles of promo material. Stacks on stacks, piles giving you piles as you try to shuffle them across the desk and into the big box that you empty once a month.

We sorted through this ragged collection searching for some essential music documentaries to share with you—but what we uncovered were some of the most misbegotten ideas ever to come across a camcorder, or in one instance what we’re pretty sure is an iPhone with a red REC dot sharpied on in the upper left corner. These are the least essential music DVDs on the market, in a list of fifteen, because that’s how things get done.

1. My Mate Kev, And His Mates
2. Ringtones And Chill
3. Three White Guys
4. I’m Waiting For The Pizza Man: The Unauthorized Story of The Pizza Underground
5. Trap Lord Cuckold
6. Moog Unplugged
7. Splash: The Secret World Of Berghain’s Bathrooms
8. Kazoo!
9. Saturday Night FOMO
10. Ukulele? Me Too
11. Trump Sings The Blues 
12. All Tomorrow’s Pizzas: The Official Story of The Pizza Underground
13. I Dream of iPad Apps
14. The Bloghouse Boys
15. Uncovering The Myth: The Story of Men In Music