The Ultimate Guide To Iran’s Underground Electronic Musicians

Browse through this essential primer to one of the Middle East’s most vibrant scenes. 

Are you ready to discover quality electronic music from the margins? Look no further than Iran’s burgeoning underground music scene. The country may not be on everyone’s radar for boundary-pushing experimental music, noise and techno, but in the last few years, a handful of musicians in Tehran have carried the torch for unique electronic composition. Artists like Nesa Azakikhah, Sote and 9T Antiope are among the producers making a distinct impact on genres in the realm of industrial, ambient and minimal.

Thanks to Bandcamp, you can now browse a playlist of nine Iranian electronic music pioneers. The article includes a detailed breakdown of each producer’s work and composition process as well as previews of some of their best tracks. Listen to some of our favorites below and check out the entire list here.

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