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Watch Every Episode of MTV's '120 Minutes' From The '90s

Newsflash: being an alternative kid in the ’90s was amazing. You had grunge music, Daria and MTV’s 120 Minutes, which covered offbeat genres like post-punk and goth on mainstream television. We know you’re probably at that time of your life when you almost forgot you used to have a TV and feel like all those screen-mediated memories are long lost. But that can change, because there’s a website that compiled nearly every episode of 120 Minutes, from the first editions in 1986 to the later MTV2 period. Meet your alternative heroes from late ’80s to the early ’00s in these rare recordings, which were so close to being lost forever. We’ve also got more ’90s nostalgia in this rave zine collection and the bulky archive of rave and jungle tapes.