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These Ridiculously Cute Cats Look Exactly Like David Bowie

*Jingle Cats version of “Starman” starts playing*

David Bowie cats? Who knew that such a breed even existed? These little cuties look almost exactly like the late, great Ziggy Stardust himself. Iris and Abyss hail from St. Petersburg, Russia, and their uniquely Bowie-like eyes are the result of a rare genetic trait. We wonder if they’ll start breeding for this. We imagine there might be a rather large market for a new luxury breed styled after the starman’s image. Right now the best name we’ve got is “Bowiecat”, but we’re considering others. Maybe some sort of play on Havana Brown or Scottish Fold? Who knows. Who cares? They are just so friggin’ cute! Did you know David Bowie was a cat person? Yeah, we like cats a lot.

Check out a gallery of these cats below. We have included a photo of Bowie with a cat for reference.

cats4 cats1 cats5 cats2 cats3 Bowie-Cat-People-500

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(Via New York Post)