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These Photos Reveal 30 Years Of Vibrant Outsider Culture In Berlin

 “It was a heaven for draft evaders, anarchists, drop-outs and junkies.”

Of the many intrepid photographers that have documented the vibrant underbelly of the world’s great cities and subcultures, few are better placed to document the city of Berlin than Miron Zownir. The German photographer has photographed the Hauptstadt’s pulsing libidinous energy from as far back as 1978 right up until the present, portraying the beautiful outsiders of every era in a powerful and sympathetic light.

He has compiled these incredible images into a new book, Berlin Noir, which in his words acts as a “witness of outsiders, the lost and rejected, atmospheres and scenes that had no place in any official city guide and as a witness of a particular zeitgeist and energy that wasn’t visible, or comfortable to acknowledge.” Check out some of our favorite of Zownir’s photos from the book below and read an interview with him here. You can order the book here.

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