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These Wild Photos Reveal How Berlin Has Changed Since The '90s

Why does it always feel like things were better “back in the day?”

Though it can be hard to see sometimes from within, Berlin is a city in a constant state of flux. And while that’s been true for its entire existence, the recent past has seen a blindingly fast acceleration of successive culture.

The main reason for this, of course, is the reunification of the city following the end of communist East Germany. The years since the fall of the city’s famous wall have been creative days indeed, and that’s the subject of a new book called Berlin Heartbeats: Stories From The Wild Years 1990 – Present. 

Using beautiful images and text, it conveys the unusual scenes that have developed and dissolved since that fateful moment. Scroll below to browse some of the book’s amazing photos. To find out more (or to snag a copy for yourself) click here.


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[Photos courtesy of Ben de Biel, Rolf Zöllner, Philipp von Recklinghausen & Hendrik Rauch]