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Ultrademon Makes Music To Gorge To as Thiefist


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Fans of Ultrademon‘s wet, neo-genre dance vibes will definitely feel their brains clicking with his latest collaborative project Thiefist. Together with friend and producer J. Ashley Miller, the duo ditch the ocean depths for the jagged heights of gorge, which Ultrademon—real name Albert Redwine—was introduced to a while back via Australia’s DJ Innes. “Gorge is a not just a musical style, but an aesthetic lifestyle based on mountain and boulder climbing,” the Coral Records founder told us. “Started by Japanese mountain climbers who frequented Nepal, Gorge attempts to capture the feeling of climbing. DJ Nanga talks about the 3 rules of Gorge under the GPL (Gorge Public License):
1. Use Toms
2. Gorge is Gorge
3. Don’t say it “Art”

The hyper-kinetic video above is the title track for their upcoming, out Nov. 27th, an eclectic fusion of gorge, footwork, and alienesque IDM. Ultrademon will also release a solo record, Durian Rider, on the same day.