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This App Turns Your Music Library Into An Instrument Of Samples


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Bored with your music library? Memory Mosaic might be the key to discovering new joys in familiar sounds. This unique app is a generative audio mashup tool that allows you to remix your iTunes library as well as sounds sampled with your phone. As soon as it’s turned on, Memory Mosaic starts ‘learning’ from the sounds in its environment (so be careful…you never know who’s listening…) and organizing them based on similarity. You can then play them like an interactive sampler, or generate an automated mashup via the apps AI function. You can even create a sort of instrument out of the sample clusters. It’s a pretty fun and unique little tool that delivers unique results based on your individual music catalog; curious to see how many weird jams it can make out of two gigs of MDC ringtones and a Youtube rip of “Hi kids we’re home early“.