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This 9 Year Old Plays The Theremin Better Than You Ever Will


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This is Carolina Eyck. In 1997, when this video was recorded, she was 9 years old and was considered to be one of the foremost thereminists in the world. In fact, she was (and still is) a much better theremin player than you will ever be.

But before you get all bummed out about it, we recommend you use this video of her ripping a solo from  Natalja Baklanova’s Romanze as a source of inspiration for your own practice, whether you be a budding young (or old) thereminist or synthesist. Let it guide you so that you can endure the cable mess, ground hum and unfun trips to the repairman on your road to sonic success. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be famous on YouTube someday too.

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