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This Podcast Explores Why Audiophiles Are Addicted To Hi-Fi Sound

The search for the perfect sound is crazier than you think.

One of the biggest pieces of news from this year was that we officially left the MP3 era. That’s right, earlier this year the creators of the MP3 at the Fraunhofter Institute terminated its licensing program, as audio moves towards other audio coding formats and as streaming technologies increase in popularity.

MP3 compression revolutionized the way music was consumed and exchanged, but only because it was able to cut down the fine-grained sonic details that give sound its rich definition. This lead to a kind of clan war between music consumers: vinyl fans would lament the format’s low quality, while even more obsessive audiophiles criticize vinyl junkies for having inferior stereo setups to let the sound really speak for itself.

All that is to say that there is an endless quest—an infinite task—to recover those missing pieces of sound that gets lost in any reproduction of sound. Everyone knows the ecstatic feeling of listening to music through a superb system, so how can we push this further to the point of perfect sonic fidelity? This podcast below explores the mad scientists, obsessives and hobbyists who have dedicated their lives to finding those missing sounds between the notes, and who want to change how we hear forever.

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