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This Video Takes You Inside ‘90s Berlin’s Notoriously Wild Bunker Techno Club


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They say it was “the hardest club in the world.”

Back in ’90s Berlin, a time when Potsdamer Platz was still a construction site and tracks regularly reached 150 beats per minute, there was a club called the Bunker that was home to some of the most raucous and intense parties to ever grace the Hauptstadt.

The Bunker—now home to the Sammlung Boros contemporary art collection—ran between 1992 and 1997, during which time it became synonymous with the hardest edges of the burgeoning German techno scene. This was, after all, the site of Wolle XDP‘s infamous and brutal Hartcore parties—a mix from which you can hear here.

But for all of us who weren’t lucky enough to experience the Bunker in full swing, what was it like to be in the club? Luckily for us, a new five-minute video has emerged that takes you into the club’s concrete labyrinth. Alongside DJ Westbam discussing the evolution of European techno’s dizzying speeds, the video goes inside the Bunker and speaks to Wolle Neugebauer (a.k.a Wolle XDP), who was organizing the site at the time. It’s valuable footage for anyone who wants to get a sense of how insane the parties in there really could be. Watch it in full above.

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