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This Zine Teaches You The Ethics Of Raving

“Take responsibility for the energy you bring in to the space.”

A healthy nightlife seems to have many adversaries at the moment:  ‘regeneration’ projects; club closure threats and the eroding of previous “safe spaces” that do so much to protect how everyone parties. It has never seemed more urgent to remember that certain practices should remain sacrosanct no matter where or how you rave—practices like “Don’t grab on some woman’s ass randomly, dumbass.” Luckily the Rave Ethics zine is around to help inform those not so savvy to these values. As author Catherine Hilgers describes the project:

“Raves aren’t just a place to forget yourself, they can also be community, culture, home, family, and an introduction to alternative or anti-capitalist lifestyles. They can be instruments of tangible social change! To produce any effect, raves have to be a place where everyone – women, queer and trans people, PoCs – can feel comfortable, relaxed, and above all respected. I wanted to make something to reflect this.”

Now read an awesome collection of the zines from the heyday of ’90s raving here.

(via DAZED)