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Thundercat Records Paris Tribute

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There are really no words to add to the tragedy that happened in Paris on Friday. Brainfeeder‘s Thundercat contemplate the events in this short and haunting instrumental piece, produced alongside Mono/Poly:

“Sometimes, there are no words to explain. When there are no words to explain, there is music. When there is music, there is jazz, arguably the most spiritual of all forms. There is Thundercat, haunted by too many deaths, including the departed and dear ghost of Austin Peralta, whose presence continues to shroud much of his most powerful work.

This tribute to “Paris” has the same effect. Produced alongside Mono/Poly, it’s brief and beautiful, the bass guitars and backing vocals offering a requiem to those who lost their lives, a funereal song intended to carry them into the next realm. The sort of thing that reminds you of the tragedies that surround us, both rare and common, and the strength and creativity that the survivors can summon.”

Our thoughts are with the people of France.