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How ASMR Is Changing Music

Do you like those subtle sounds when someone whispers? Or the way scratching wood sounds? Do you get weird tingles when you listen to recorded breathing sounds?  You’re not alone! Over the past years a community has evolved around ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response); you know, that feeling when sound makes your hair stand up.

ASMR is also good for when you need the feeling of being connected to someone, so it’s no surprise that ASMR tactics are currently entering mainstream music. The most famous example might be deadmau5, while the most interesting is certainly Holly Herndon’s cooperation with ASMR artist Claire Tolan. So the next time you get tingles listening to the radio, there just might have been an ASMRtist in the booth with your favorite musician.

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Photo: Maria GentleWhisperingAndre Chung/The Washington Post via Getty Images