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How To Turn Your Facebook Friends Into Music

There’s a secret song hidden inside all of our images.

Have you ever imagined what you’d sound like as music? Well, you can experience that sort of thing these days—or at least you can experience that through the medium of your digital images. A new exhibition from sound artist and musician Daniel Watkins transmogrifies the images of his Facebook friends into compositions for piano, transposed onto cassette tape.

By running these photos through a sound editing program, Watkins was able to convert the data into WAV files; afterwards, he transferred them into MIDI and assigned piano interpretations to them. The result is surprisingly sinister. It makes us wonder how many atonal slabs of darkness we’re hiding beneath our skin.

Listen to two track previews here, and read the whole fascinating story via The Creator’s Project. Then explore another artist turning classical paintings into haunting ambient soundscapes.