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Turn Your Beats Into Meatballs With This New Machine


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A new Kickstarter campaign has sprung up to help you eat your (electronic) beats. Beatballs is the brainchild of a bunch of students at the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island in Stockholm. As reported by The Creators Project, they’re working to convert elements of any given song into ingredients for a meatball recipe.

“Our taste experts behind Beatballs analyzed how various music attributes can be expressed through tastes, taking into consideration the social, cultural, and historical associations of both food and music,” a spokesperson for the project explains. “Every song has its own DNA—a unique blend of tempo, cadence, mood, and key, among other attributes. Translating these attributes into their representative flavors, Beatballs creates a tailored meatball recipe that tastes like the song.”

Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” is offered as an example:

“‘Happy’ is played in F-minor, giving the meatball a base of chickpeas and garlic. It scores above average on energy level, tempo, chatter and mood, according to the Beatballs song analyzer. This music profile inspires additional dashes of thai basil, lemon zest, curry, and strawberries. The result is a Beatball with a ‘Happy’ twist.”

This isn’t a purely conceptual exercize—the Beatballizer actually assembles your meatball for you, and with the proceeds raised from the campaign, the group hopes to manufacture a version that’ll fit in users’ kitchens. What does your music taste like? Find out more here.