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Are DJs More Depressed Than Ever Before?

While life as a DJ certainly has its perks, this study suggests there might be some pretty serious drawbacks.

The past few months have seen the opening of a new, frank dialog surrounding mental health in DJ culture. With touring now the major form of income for musicians, the pressures can be relentless—the life of a DJ is physically exhausting and mentally taxing. One is exposed to the relentless criticism of performances and new records. Whether it’s Benga, Rustie or Ben Pearce, DJs of all styles and phases are susceptible to falling under the mental strains of depression, addiction an other disorders like schizophrenia. The BBC has published an informative piece on such adversities, which has lead Neil Barnes (pictured above) of Leftfield and researchers at the University of Westminster to organize the first academic study on the relationship between music and depression.

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