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Ableton's Connection Kit Makes Music With LEGO And Bananas


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We’re avid fans of anything LEGO and music creation-related, from this acid-making machine to these insane custom modular synth cases. We even made an special about this very subject. Until now, however, there was no easy way to actually use the little plastic toys to create actual music. Ableton’s recently released Connection Kit is set out to change this:

“These devices allow you to connect, control and monitor Live with a range of innovative technologies and communication protocols. Use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, Arduino, or littleBits™ to connect up sensors, lights or motors, open your sound world up to the web through JSON-based APIs, or convert OSC data to MIDI data. The list of input and output possibilities for music & sound creation with Live is almost endless.”, states Ableton’s website.

Check out the above video to see how the software finally closes the gap between robots and bananas for limitless sound creation.