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Verizon Is Producing An EDM Musical Set In Berlin

Composer Duncan Sheik, who is responsible for the Broadway adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’ American Psycho, is back with another interesting project. Pulse is a musical set in the Berlin club scene. And, reportedly, it has everything you’d imagine from a project like this—if the production notes are to be believed: “Pulse follows a group of American expatriates living in Berlin who find themselves immersed in the city’s vibrant, kinetic dance scene. The series tracks one year of the characters’ lives telling the story as a lush and provocative EDM musical.

The narrative centers on Cooper (Katie Findlay), an aspiring musician who goes in search of a missing friend. Cooper travels to Berlin looking for answers about her friend’s disappearance, but finds herself quickly drawn into the seductive club scene he was involved in—a crowd where music is everything and sex and drugs are as vital as water.” … a crowd where music is everything and sex and drugs are as vital as water. 

Fun fact: Kyle Jarrow, who is currently working on a Spongebob musical is Duncan Sheik’s writing partner on this one. Way to go!

Want to see if you can get lost in the depravities of the Berlin club scene? Well, as any fan of EDM musicals knows, you’ll have to get past the bouncers at Berghain first. Use this simulator to see if you’re a “ja” or a “nein”. If you don’t get in, don’t worry, you can always blow off some steam with this mosh pit simulator and try again later.