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Vince Clarke Announces New Eurorack Module


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Synthpop pioneer Vince Clarke is the creative mind behind the IMAGINATOR VCX-378, a new Eurorack module designed and built alongside British company Analogue Solutions. “I wanted a practical writing tool that would generate musical patterns based on user-controllable variables,” Clarke explains in a press release. “Housed in a 36 HP-width Eurorack module, the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 has a front facia-located one-octave ‘keyboard’ alongside two Quantize sections, Octavize and Transpose sections, a Velocity treatment, plus internal (Sequencer) and external (Midi/Clock) clocking, as well as a full MIDI interface,” Synthtopia reports.

Watch the demo video here, and revisit what Clarke, Gudrun Gut and Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore all had to say about minimal techno here.