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This Vinyl Record Is Also A Jigsaw Puzzle

London trio Sugar Coat are releasing their debut single “Me Instead” in a number of weird vinyl pressing—including a playable jigsaw puzzle.

Isn’t it amazing what you can do with vinyl? No matter whether it’s the records themselves or the machines that play them, it’s hard to think of a sonic medium that provides the same amount of fun tactile novelty. We’re always surprised by what people come up with. And that extends to this vinyl record that can be taken apart like a jigsaw puzzle.

London trio Sugar Coat is releasing it as a part of a series of unusual vinyl pressings of its debut single, “Me Instead”. Other pressings in the series apparently include a playable mirror, a vinyl record with faux fur and a vinyl record that comes with authentic coal dust from a mine that played a pivotal role during the UK miner’s strike of 1984. Learn more about the whole thing over at Vinyl Factory.

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