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Watch 80 Minutes Of Insane Videos Curated By Marcel Dettmann

The Berghain resident walks us through some of the videos that inspire his work.

Marcel Dettmann might be best known for his impeccable selections of wide-screen, EBM-inspired techno, but the Berghain resident is definitely no slouch when it comes to digging for awesome music-related videos as well. In a new edition of—an earlier episode of which included Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt—the iconic DJ has curated a brilliant collection of some of his favorite videos that inspire his musical practice.

The playlist starts out with a slew of music videos, interviews and documentaries focused on the birth of industrial and EBM music—both styles that have had a profound impact on Dettmann’s own production style and can be heard in his memorable ’80s proto-techno Dekmantel podcast. After focusing on Front 242 and DAF, Dettmann moves on to videos on the German photographer Harald Hauswald and even the symphonic fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf”. In short, it’s the perfect way to get inside the mind of the audio-visual cosmos that Dettmann operates within. Watch it in full here. Then, jump in the car with the Berghain resident and as they take a drive around Berlin.


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