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Revisit The Fun Of The Love Parade With This Rare '90s Video


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Back when the world was still alright and techno hadn’t yet become commercialized, a bunch of Berliners famously got together to take electronic music to the streets. The event, dubbed The Love Parade, was started in1989 by Dr. Motte and Danielle de Picciotto. Though only around 150 people attended the first gathering, it quickly became one of the most important electronic music events of the ’90s.

To give you an idea of the event’s explosive popularity: By 1992, where the above video is from, 15,000 ravers had taken to the streets to celebrate love, peace and unity. It’s a significant year for other reasons. It’s also the year when techno broke out as a national phenomenon in Germany, with new clubs opening across the country.

For more historical video footage of the techno scene, check out this rare recording from outside Berlin’s Tresor club in 1996 after that year’s Love Parade.

Photo: Günter Schneider