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Watch Rare Footage Of Yello Performing Live In '80s New York

The most ’80s thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Normalcy got you down? This Yello video might just be what you need. Recorded live at New York’s legendary Roxy NYC in 1983, it offers a concentrated dose of surreality that’s pretty much guaranteed to make you groan, “oooooh yeah!” (sorry, we couldn’t resist). If you’re familiar with the group’s music videos from the period, then expect a serious treat. This is like one 15-minute-long multi-sensory excursion into their weird and wonderful world. And, even if you aren’t a huge Yello fan, you still ought to get a kick out of just how Escape From New York-era Manhattan the whole spectacle is. Those outfits are out of control!

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