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Watch Ricardo Villalobos Play Loopy Minimal In 1998

Rare footage from a 1998 Chilean underground party confirms: Ricardo Villalobos is a legend.

We never pass up an opportunity to pick over old gigs by minimal mastermind Ricardo Villalobos, whether they’re DJ sets from the early days of Panorama Bar or live performances with other musicians. Getting a peek into his DJ sessions from yesteryear allows us to hunt down and identify the jacking jams he’s unearthed throughout his career. Today we’re applying that treatment to a 15-minute video of a 1998 set from a party in Chile that also featured Dandy Jack and Chica Paula.

So far we’ve picked out Mr. G & G Flame’s “Sounds Of The Underground”, which surfaces around 7 minutes into the clip. Can you find any more? Watch the video below.


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