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Watch The Birth Of Berlin’s Early '90s Trance Scene With This Rare Video

Including interviews with Laurent Garnier and Mark Reeder, this legendary documentary takes you deep down into Berlin’s raving underbelly.

1990s Berlin has become one of the more enduring myths of club music’s short but storied history. But when you watch footage from the era—like this MFS Berliner Trance documentary below—it’s easy to see why. Directed by Ben Hardyment, the film traces the booming trance and techno awakening in the city following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Not only does it contain rare early footage of the 1991 and 1993 Love Parades, but it also lets you check out scenes filmed in the original homes of Berlin’s legendary East Berlin clubs, E-Werk and Tresor. Including an array of talking heads including, legendary British ex-pat and MFS records founder Mark Reeder, Love Parade founder and trance luminary Dr Motte and DJ and producer Paul van Dyk, there’s no better documentary to throw you into the pit of this absolutely unique time of Berliner rave madness. Check it out below. And if you’re thirsty for more early Berlin rave madness, read Mark Reeder’s exclusive essay for Electronic Beats where he describes being at the first Berlin Atonal in 1982.

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