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Watch The Residents Give The Weirdest Press Conference Ever


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Experience another brilliant slice of Residents mania as they visit Washington D.C.

Ah The Residents, truly one of the strangest musical undertakings of the last half-century. And it wasn’t just for show. Because beyond the awesomely deranged album covers, top hats, cover songs and eyeballs, the band has released some of the best, bizzaro musical oddities of all time.

Witness exhibit A, above, as the The Residents visit the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to hold an important press conference. The topic? What happens to a group of moles when forced out of their homeland. Yes. Moles. If there is a place on earth that captures the gravity of that topic, it would probably be the Lincoln Memorial—so watch on and spare a minute for those poor moles. At least The Residents are doing something to bring attention to their plight.

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