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UNKLE Remixes Ten Fé's "Make Me Better"

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In late 2015, London’s electronic rock and rollers Ten Fé dropped “Make Me Better”, a debut single which showed serious verve for ambitious pop arrangements and soaring emotional pathos. The precocious talents of the band captivated us here at EB, and that’s why the London-based duo are the first artists to emerge from Telekom Music Talent Space, a special music initiative that launched in 2014 to give young and undiscovered artists a platform to blossom.

We quickly realized that the richness of Ten Fé’s original tracks was fertile material for remixers, so we invited some of EB’s favorite electronic musicians from around the world to remix their works. From today and over the next three months we’ll be presenting remixes from titans of electronic music, Ewan Pearson and Roman Flügel, as well as many more to follow (though we can’t let you in on all of our surprises just yet).

For now we are stoked to bring you the track “Make me Better (UNKLE Reconstruction)”. Over years and years and a slew of awesome records, UNKLE has established themselves as one of the premiere production and remixing acts in the world. With a natural talent for collaborations and pushing artists towards new sonic frontiers, an UNKLE remix is synonymous with quality electronic-pop output. Their Ten Fé remix is a remarkable harnessing of the emotional impact of the original, extending the strings in the original into warm, psychedelic progressions, adding trippy vocal effects and giving the track an irrepressible groove with a massive rolling bass line. It’s the perfect balance of a pensive pop evocation, and a futurespective club hit. Which is totally okay with us.

For your chance to preorder the limited edition 12″ vinyl first, leave your name and email here, and we’ll let you know before it goes on public sale.