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We're Giving Away A Sumptuous Karl Bartos-Signed Boxset

The ex-Kraftwerk member has his seminal solo albums packaged into a sickeningly beautiful, limited-edition box set, and you can win one!

As far as musical pedigree goes, it doesn’t really get much bigger than having been a member of Kraftwerk. Bartos was one of the integral members of Tour De France-era Kraftwerk, and co-authored the seminal title track from the record—a true classic, even by the band’s lofty standards. Back in 2003, however, almost a decade out of the band, Bartos released Communication, an album that explored how modern electronic media alters our cultural perspectives and perceptions—a prescient theme that has since been taken up in contemporary guises by the likes of Holly Herndon. Trocadero are re-releasing Communication in this awesome box set, hand-signed and limited to a 1000 copies. And we at EB have one, and we are giving it away! Just comment under this Facebook post for a chance to win.

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