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What Do You Think Of This Headline?

Is this a good lead sentence?

How would you rate it?

Consider the significance of this sentence, typed on a keyboard in an office and posted on a large media platform. How does it affect you? Does it make you want to read further? Can you imagine the sentence that will come next?

Well done—this is that next sentence. You’ve made it this far and you’re not even reading The Monster At The End Of This Book (spoiler alert: it’s Grover). Maybe you’re a teen daring to buck the rules that say JUST CLICK LIKE AND SHARE IT. Maybe you’re a grown-ass human who craves actual content (sorry) or who understands that media is now consumed in severed sections, bits and pieces. Media is tapas: the buffet is always open and the chefs are wildly inconsistent. I recommend the pork ;0)

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Now that you’ve taken the time to consider the content of this article, of which there is none, you might as well also consider the society that encourages this sort of media. Infographics we were forced—Clockwork Orange-style—to memorize show that most digital media is consumed by youth demographics through a mobile smart device.

Can you imagine the process that led us to be able to type “youth demographics” without shriveling up inside like a little spider? Well, it’s called a paycheck, and we don’t get one without those sweet, sweet clicks behind it. So thinking and creating must be altered. Welcome to the New Order. Please consider the following:

Is this a good closing line?