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Will This Bring Analog Synthesis To The Masses?


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Hold onto your hats, Behringer’s new synthesizer could change everything!

Few things beat the sweet combination of rich sound and easy playability offered by analog synthesizers. It’s probably one of the reasons why these instruments have remained in demand for such a long time. Yet getting your hands on an analog synthesizer has long been a relatively expensive undertaking. Those days, however, seem numbered thanks to announcement of a new analog synthesizer from budget hardware maker Behringer.

Now six years in the making, the as-yet unnamed synthesizer (it’s being called BEHRINGER Synth for now) has been teased in a number of different forms—most notably in 2014 via a droolworthy Facebook post that suggested a cheap ARP Odyssey clone with USB MIDI for $500. The company’s Facebook is now reporting, “It’s analog – not digital. It’s discrete – not modeling. And it sounds amazing!” Sounds good to us! Check out the video above for a teaser and be sure to keep a look out for the synth in the coming months.

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(via Gearnews)