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Tech Unveils New Voice-Controlled Smartwatch, dial

Yesterday Black Eyed Peas megastar announced his new smartwatch, dial, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device is the first to utilize AneedA, an ultra-advanced platform for voice integration technology, as well as the first product of the pop entrepreneur’s partnership with Deutsche Telekom. Dial stands out in a competitive field of cutting-edge wearable communication technology through numerous innovative features, such as an intelligent search function, a built-in front camera for perfect selfies, music streaming and the use of AneedA, which will allow users to control the device with only their voice. It also accommodates Nano SIM cards, so wearers can use dial to make and receive calls or texts to and from their existing phone numbers – no additional smartphone needed! Telekom and’s company will roll out the watch in European Telekom territories throughout 2016, so keep an eye out for its debut in your home country.