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Will Sped-Up Music Become A New Craze?

“The extra speed makes the songs really move and gets me pumped. It’s almost like punk covers.”

Many DJs will tell you there’s definitely a time and place to push the BPM on a track a little bit—or even a lot—higher. But ’70s radio rock, ’90s alt-rock and a hell of a lot of mediocre rock all played1.5 times faster—no one could enjoy that, right? Apparently so. Like everything on the frontiers of the strange, we found some x1.5 advocates on Reddit. One poster, EricandtheLegion, was even nice enough to compile a playlist of the tunes he enjoys pushing beyond any reasonable limit of the listenable to get him pumped. These are at normal speed, but you can toggle 1.5 speed on YouTube. Rock on.


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