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This All-Women Hip-Hop Mix Packs An Empowering Punch

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Breeze past the haters with this empowering mix of all-female producers.

Need something to bring the party? This exclusive mix given to us by kinetic DJ La Fraicheur will get your body (and booty) bouncing. While her usual style melds deep house and techno with tropical bass vibes, this one’s all hip-hop—from classic vibes to club-ready cuts, all entirely by female artists in the game. “As a queer female DJ and producer, the amount of shit—sometimes straight-forward or disguised as unsolicited advice about how I should do my work and how I should look—is astounding.” says the Female:Pressure member. “If you decide to politely dismiss it in a “thanks but no thanks” way, the usual response is to be called a bitch. The lyrics in these tracks talk about body pride, self-empowerment and general full frontal non-giveafuckery from female artists not willing to let haters get in the way of what they wish to accomplish.”

1. Lady Leshurr – #LUKATAR
2. Nadia Rose – #SKWOD
3. Princess Nokia – Tomboy
4. Namaste – Wat Wat
5. Dai Burger – Class President
6. TT The Artist – Queen
7. Oh Blimey – #EW
8. The Last Artful, Dodgr – deFINE: GRANDIL☻QUENT
9. Reverie – Triple Kick
10. Lady Lykez – Love My Butt
11. Raven Sorvino – Girl Bye
12. Tommy Genesis – Execute