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Work Out to Stockhausen


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Stockhausen may be among the most iconic composers of the 20th and 21st century, but we’re betting you’ve never considered soundtracking your workouts to him. Submediant has stepped up to fill the void with a pre-made exercise regimen set to Stockhausen’s Klavierstück series. Here’s what they suggest for “Klavierstück I”:

It’s important to get your blood flowing with some cardio at the beginning of any work out, and the first Klavierstück is ideal for your warm up routine. Start with a light jog on the treadmill, picking up the pace with each iteration of the alternating hexachords. Then, when you hear a twelve-note chord comprising all eleven intervals smaller than an octave about two-thirds of the way through the track, accelerate to a full-on sprint until the final G♮ decays into silence!

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