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WTF? Pokémon Go Has Even Topped The Spotify Charts


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The top five most streamed tracks on Spotify are from Pokémon.

Right now it’s clear that the whole world has gone completely Pokémon crazy. With the release of Pokémon Go, the adorable little monsters seem to be taking over everything—even Berghain! Nothing can escape these guys. And now Spotify is reporting that people are obsessing over Pokémon music as well.

Total streams for all Pokémon-related songs have more than tripled in the past week. The Pokémon animated series theme tune, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”, has seen streams jump by 362% globally; spotify users have created over 197,000 Pokémon-themed playlists; and 53,000 playlists have been created with the name “Pikachu”. In addition, these were the top five most streamed tracks on Spotify:

  1. “Pokemon Theme”
  2. “Pokerap”
  3. “Pokemon Johto”
  4. “Go Pokemon Go”
  5. “I Want To Be A Hero”

Now that’s what we call PokéFever!

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(Via CNET)