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Xiu Xiu Manhandles Winkie

Xiu Xiu‘s work in dark, wavey elctronics  and experimentalism of the Lynchian kind has made them synonymous with quality listening since we first heard 2003’s incredible A Promise LP. While the idea has evolved substantially since then, we’ve followed each new step feeling pretty damn good about it.  Winkie are fresher to our ears, but just as pleasing in their own way. Their recent LP Come To My Party is one of the bst post-punk albums we’ve heard in ages, pounding slabs of percussion and droning guitars over static-doll vocals and shoegaze hooks. Combine the two, and the result is beautiful destruction.

Amping up the already driving charge of “At Night They Dreamed Of Revenge”, Xiu Xiu’s shattered jackhammer percussion and warped electronics bring a slamdance-friendly vibe to the proceedings before dissolving the whole thing into glitched-out ghosts. It’s rad as hell, and here’s the premiere.

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